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Stock Video Vault (SVV)

A collection of some of the world´s most amazing scenic landscape, City-scapes and time-lapse videos.

We feature HD 1080 along with 2K-5K resolution video clips from the DP´s at Crew West and other top cinematographers around the world.

If you are looking for a stunning high-resolution scene setter, landscape, or time-lapse, you have come to the right place.

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Crew West Inc., established in 1994, has been capturing beautiful images since its inception. Besides our staff, we employ great photographers in Arizona and have developed great relationships with others around the country! We only want the best video and we know where to get it. To ensure we get the most incredible images, we are asking for contributions from the most sought after cinemato- graphers in the industry...




Since 2009, Dustin Farrell has produced some of the most beautiful time-lapse videos the eye has seen. Through social media and internet video outlets (http://www.crewwestinc.com/time-lapse), a hunger for Dustin’s work led to the creation of Stock Video Vault. His many contacts around the world have led him to other extremely talented time-lapse creators who are now supplying us with their scenic creations...




From the same talented artists at Stock Video Vault, we are offering fine art photography and desktop downloads. Our timelapse videos are made from several high resolution photos. This allows us the opportunity to offer you fine art photography from your favorite timelapse clip. Also, the latest digital cinema video cameras are shooting in a high resolution raw format. From these files we can also offer amazing stills…




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